Complex subjects require good teachers.

Distilled down to its most fundamental property, money is a representation of your productivity.  Since your time is a finite resource, you owe it to yourself to understand how to best invest it.   We believe the wisest investment of your time is in the pursuit of knowledge.  With the heart of a teacher, each NWMG advisor has dedicated his or her career to sharing financial knowledge with engaging education.

Our advisors are experienced, each with more than a decade serving people with sound money management advice.  Working with a NWMG advisor means fast tracking your understanding of money, markets, and their impact on your future.  But don’t just take our word for it, find out yourself by scheduling an introductory meeting.  The first lesson is always on us, and you’ll walk away knowing if our process is for you.  Click the schedule link next to the advisor you wish to speak with to get started.  



A Better Portfolio

Our passion for delivering value is manifest in our unquenchable thirst for education. We are dedicated students of the world economies and financial markets. In turn, we leverage our knowledge and expertise to be educators to our clients and to prudently manage their wealth. The recipe for a better portfolio starts with better information and ends with educated investment discipline.  


A Better Plan

Building a better plan involves more than drawing a generic financial roadmap. Life is dynamic and your needs and priorities can change abruptly.  Plans are useless unless they are flexible where they are not predictive. Most importantly, a better plan is one that speaks to you in a language you understand to address needs specific to your distinct situation. 


A Better Life

Living a better life has much more to do with balancing your priorities than balancing your portfolio. Building and maintaining an appropriate financial plan and investment allocation requires time and energy, two of our most valuable resources. Working with an advisor you trust will free you to invest yourself where it matters most.



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