As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, NWMG offers a multi-custodial platform to our clients. We partner with industry leading firms such as LPL Financial, Charles Schwab & Interactive Brokers to provide more choice and diversification to you. 

Your portfolio management needs should be tailored specifically for you, which is why we offer multiple solutions.  We believe that the best investment for you is the one you are most convicted in because prudent investing requires confidence.  Starting with a plan, we can find out what works best for you.      



In addition to financial planning, the service includes, but is not limited to, four popular advisory asset management options:




The strategic asset management methodology utilizes index ETFs and mutual funds to construct portfolios with varying risk profiles and asset mixes. The allocations are designed with low-costs, and tax-efficiency in mind by utilizing a more passive approach to investing.  The Strategic Core ETF Series is best suited for investors who desire a full-service client relationship but want to keep costs to a minimum.



The Tactical approach to portfolio building incorporates a target risk management philosophy, emphasizing risk minimization for the desired outcome. Allocations are primarily composed of ETFs but may also use open-end mutual funds, individual securities, derivatives and alternatives. The Tactical methodology is appropriate for value minded clients seeking a more sophisticated asset allocation designed to optimize risk for consistent outcomes.



Custom portfolios are designed from the ground up specifically for your situation being uniquely tailored for you.  The solutions we offer are a mile wide and a mile deep, so we encourage you to reach out for more information.  The custom option is best suited for individuals with specific investment objectives requiring more a complex asset configuration and/or service engagement.



Diverging from the traditional Modern Portfolio Theory asset allocation, the SmartVestor Growth allocations use the investment philosophy advocated by Dave Ramsey.  Leveraging the research tools and personnel available to NWMG, we identify funds with consistently superior track records, tenured management teams and below average costs for each of the equally balanced categories:

  • Growth with Income
  • Growth
  • Aggressive Growth
  • International

The SmartVestor program is a directory of investment professionals. Neither Dave Ramsey nor SmartVestor are affiliates of NWMG or LPL.