Lisa Gerardi Gerardi Wealth Management

Managing Partner | Financial Advisor

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Lisa began her career in the financial services industry with Merrill Lynch in 1993 where she garnered experience in a myriad of roles from financial advisor to administrative coach.  She is passionate about people and is a keen problem solver with an eye for detail.  This has propelled her on a successful career path which has today cumulated into her status as Managing Partner with National Wealth Management Group and owner of her independent wealth management practice, Gerardi Wealth Management.  Lisa’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service goes far beyond industry standard and sets her apart amongst the competition.  Her hallmark of unparalleled service has drawn a loyal clientele following, many of which have worked with Lisa since her career began, and represents the embodiment of her passion for others. 

Lisa came to Cincinnati, in pursuit of her career, from Delaware where she grew up.  The lure of family, old friends and a hobby as a wine maker draw her back to the rural part of the state for several weeks every year.  Her rugged, yet refined upbringing instilled a permanent influence promoting the ideals of hard work, attention to the finer details, and the pursuit of American idealism. She currently resides in northern Cincinnati, where she spends her down time spending time with her local family and friends, and raising a Rottweiler named Dozer.