LPL Small Market Solutions (SMS)

Employers play a dual role in their company-sponsored retirement plan— no matter how many (or how few) participants they have. Because they are both plan sponsor and plan fiduciary, they have many duties… and they face many types of risks. They are responsible for:

  • Selecting an appropriate investment menu
  • Strict adherence to the plan’s written documents and guidelines
  • Adequate training and proper oversight of all service providers
  • Helping employees understand why and how to save

Communicating with participants about the plan and its fees Plan sponsors need help from a qualified retirement specialist they can trust.

With a company sponsored retirement plan offered by NWMG, business owners and plan trustees can count on us to:

  • Deliver quarterly FiRM reports
  • Monitor Investments by notifying you when a fund has been added to a watch list or removed from the lineup entirely.  Commentary will also be provided for such funds.
  • Periodically provide a Fee Analysis and Benchmarking report, showing the total cost of your plans compared to their per groups, including detailed separate costs for investment fees, record keeping and advisor compensation
  • Provide ERISA 3(38) fiduciary service, which includes discretionary investment selection and a centrally managed Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Conduct periodic plan service review to help manage the service provider RFP process through our RFP Director tool
  • Assist directly in participant enrollment in person or through group and/or individual webinars

Small and medium sized business work with us, confident that the administration and fund selection within their retirement plans are handled appropriately and align with fiduciary standards. We take care of the reporting and operational functions, leaving you free to do what you do best – running a profitable business!

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Employee Financial Education

The Employee Financial Education program is a guidance-based, beginning-to-end retirement solution designed to help employees create confidence in their financial life. Employees get access to tools and resources designed to help simplify retirement planning, as well as on-going support from the Retirement Results Team - a powerful combination that can help them pursue their retirement goals. Employers may choose to combine one our Company Sponsored Retirement Plan services with the NWMG Employee Financial Education program or engage with us just in this service by itself.

The service encompasses three levels of employee support:

  1. Group retirement planning seminars – helps your employees stay up to date on sound financial planning strategies and important changes that could impact their retirement.  Employees armed with good advice will be more engaged and willing to participate in company sponsored retirement plans.
  2. Individualized Financial Planning – include comprehensive financial planning service within your employee benefits package.  This service will assign a NWMG financial planning representative to any employee who wishes to engage with National Wealth Management Group under a financial planning service agreement.
  3. Executive Compensation Education – employers may work with a NWMG advisor to design and/or educate executives on features of their compensation plan distinct to their status as a Highly Compensated Employee (HCE).